RadioActiveDesign STUDIO

Is an eclectic & electric design firm & creative consultancy business based in Los Angeles, CA. We offer a broad spectrum of creative services including but not limited to:

  • fashion + costume design

  • production design

  • illustration + typography

  • fine art

  • film photography

  • mural painting

At our core, the team at R.A.D STUDIO aims to create top quality, magnificent artworks - which begins by fostering love, empathy and strong, sincere connections in & out of the office. From this goal, we work with clients to better their greater contribution to the world & have done so by conceptualizing and executing the range of services listed above.

We take immense pride and honor in working with our hands & using them to bring dreams into reality. We combine the old with the new - utilizing cutting edge digital technologies plus pen on paper to create magical, colorful experiences for our clients which are a raging good time from start to finish.

About the Founder

EM is a Californian through & through & her design sensibilities reflect this. Her work covers such a variety of mediums it’s hard to keep count and is driven by spiritual and therapeutic motives. She calls her pop-contemporary visions "Radvertisements"© as they display the same  neon hues found in most 80s surf fashions and modern day advertising. These Radvertisements blur the lines between buying//selling. chaos//control, masculine//feminine, visible//hidden, and valuable//worthless.  She is best known & celebrated for her realistic portraiture, aggressively colorful abstractions, and for her cartoon-like character: "The Pile"© - a plump, androgynous creature that wears high heels & a tight thong - forever lazily pouring liquid into its donut-shaped mouth. Her "radioactive", kinesthetic approach to creating art is similar to her approach to surfing: Wild, magical & just a touch reckless.

RAD adj.:

a. favoring extreme changes in existing views, habits, conditions, or institutions

b. at the limits of control